The “Society for Environmental Sustainability” is registered under the Society Registration Act XXVI, 1860 in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Conservation of environment, ecosystems and natural resources using biological approaches.


Promoting scientific knowledge and awareness for sustaining the environment and natural resources by eco-friendly means for sustenance of our planet and to provide better living habitats/ conditions for future generations.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To develop infrastructure, organizational and research facilities focused in the area of environmental sustainability.
  2. To develop network of environmental scientists, researchers, academicians, scholars involved in environmental conservation so as to provide a scientific framework for sustainable development in future.
  3. To popularize the area/ theme “environmental sustainability” by way of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, conferences and publication of magazines, journals, newsletter or field activities, excursion activities, documentaries or films.
  4. To bring in the issues related to conservation of environment as a subject in the curricula of primary, secondary and higher education system.
  5. To impart training young researchers/ students, workers etc. in the area of environmental sustainability.
  6. To endorse and support the conservation of natural resources/biodiversity and restoration of degraded and wastelands.
  7. To support the government and non-government organizations involved or related to sustainable development.
  8. To promote sustainable development by involvement of public and endorse public-private partnership for the same.
  9. To seek support, projects, funding from government, non-government and industrial sectors for sustainable development using green approaches.
  10. To spread the awareness for utilization of green and renewable sources of energy for rural and urban development.
  11. To develop policies and promote research for combating climate change.
  12. To help the decision and policy makers including governing bodies to frame policies and design future course of action including scientific planning for sustainable development.
  13. Promoting organic food production and ensuring food security at global level.
  14. Promote techniques and methods for sustainable agriculture.
  15. Promote the sustainability of marine and fresh water ecosystems.
  16. To develop means and methods to combat environmental pollution and remediate the contaminated sites using biological methods.
  17. To create networking amongst like-minded societies/ organizations for sustainable development at national and global levels.
  18. To promote and award individuals and organizations for exemplary work/ contribution related to sustainable development.
  19. To provide fellowships to meritorious scholars/ individuals working in the area of environmental sustainability.